3 Pcs Eyelash Tweezers Set with Carrying Case

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  • 3-Piece Set for various activities: Extra Fine, Angled, and Flat tweezers.
  • Precision Design for intricate repairs and small parts handling.
  • Anti-Static Coating to protect electronics from ESD.
  • Wide Application in crafts, DIY tech repairs, jewelry making, and more.


Discover the ultimate versatility with this 3-piece Precision Eyelash Tweezers Kit, featuring Extra Fine, Angled, and Flat tweezers designed for a range of activities. From crafts and eyelash extensions to laboratory work and jewelry making, these precision tweezers are indispensable tools for intricate tasks that require handling small parts with ease.

The anti-static coating with a sleek matte black finish not only adds a stylish touch but also protects sensitive electronics from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), ensuring your delicate devices stay safe during use. Whether you’re engaged in DIY tech repairs, professional tasks, hobby projects, or intricate crafts, these tweezers are designed to meet your needs across various fields including science, modeling, styling, embroidery, and more.

To keep your tweezers organized and protected, a complimentary zipper pouch bag is included, offering convenience and portability. This handy organizer allows you to store your tweezers securely, making it easy to carry them in a larger bag, backpack, or simply store them neatly until their next use. Elevate your precision tasks with this comprehensive tweezers set that combines functionality, quality, and convenience in one package.


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